Pressurized Jerry Can Review

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-    Pressurized Jerry Can

-    0.1 Hollow Fiber Filter

-    Activated Charcoal Filter


Material: Plastic 

Weight: 4.7 lbs. (2.13kg) 

Size: 14” x 12” x 8 “ (35.56cm x 30.48cm x 20.32cm)

Water Storage: 4 gallons (15 liters)  

Price: $125.00 (USD)



-    BPA free 

-    Provides pressurized water on demand 

-    Provides Internal Filtration 

-    Includes both Hollow Fiber Filter & Activated Charcoal Filter 

-    Easy Use; ready to use straight out of the box

-    Non-Electric



-    Filters may freeze in colder climates 

-    Several pumps are needed to create initial and lasting pressure 


Living in a van and parking in the woods, side of the road, random parking lots, etc. isn’t always the easiest way to live. However, one thing that is easy is storing and filtering water when needed thanks to the HydroBlu’s Pressurized Jerry Can. 

Personally, living out of my van for four months as a single person along with a medium sized dog, I found I would only need to fill my Jerry Can about every three to four days depending on our daily activities, water consumption, food, etc. The can does not require any electricity, hoses or other bulky attachments to function, which allowed me to store the can inside my van for easy access. With some pumping action (to pressurize) and the turn of a nozzle, I had clean water to drink and cook with. 

The unique feature that HydroBlu’s Jerry Can provides is clean water. Two different filters (Hollow Fiber and Charcoal) are included with a basic Jerry Can purchase. The Activated Charcoal removes metals such as Iron and Lead and specifically improves the clarity of the water. The Hollow Fiber filters out 99.999% of harmful bacteria such as Giardia and E. Coli plus several other icky viruses. HydroBlu advertises a filter life of about 10,000 gallons and although I have not kept track of every exact gallon filtered, I would have no doubt that this is correct.  

I can attest to the fact that even beyond just the four months of solo van dwelling, when I have used the Jerry Can (while living in a camper and during a few outings and camping trips) I have filtered various types of water, from some very questionable water sources. With using both filters provided, I am excited to say I have never gotten sick. 

I have experienced only two real issues with the can both of which were most likely my own fault. On one trip out in the forest in a small camper, I left the can outside. The temperature dropped significantly during the night and upon waking the next morning I found the can frozen, filters still attached. I replaced the filters as soon as I could as once a filter freezes, the possibility of cracks can allow what is being filtered out, a direct way in, leading to contaminated water. Proper storage of the can or at least the filters, in colder temperatures will avoid the possibility of faulty filters. 

The second issue with the Jerry Can was once again due to my own negligence with maintenance. As with any filtering system, backflushing and cleaning of parts is necessary. I, however, failed to properly maintain my can and filters causing build-up and failure of seals within the can. This then allowed a spritzing of water with every retracted pump of the plunger (used to pressurize can). Proper cleaning and maintenance will surely avoid this situation.  

Final Thoughts: 

HydroBlu’s Pressurized Jerry Can will forever have a spot in my van and many other adventures that I may need to store and filter a significant amount of water on. I personally could not imagine traveling without it and have no hesitation in recommending it.  Even if you don’t live in a van, this Pressurized Jerry Can will make camping and other outdoor adventures a lot easier and Giardia free!

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